What to watch to stay on top of cryptocurrencies

It’s a fast moving world – probably the fastest developing market we’ve known so far. In order to stay on top of things, it helps to know what platforms are the best to follow. I’ll list my top picks here:

Blockchainwisely.com of course!



And it’s cryptocurrency topic section. There’s more than you can read in a life time, so pick carefully :). You can follow authors of posts you like and get notified via email – a daily digest of the best posts. Some of the best quality articles are written here.

  • Hackernoon.com

    • is a curated account with only selected posts being published, so quality is assured. Some quite technical, but mostly very interesting.


This hyperlink is a search link with results for “cryptocurrency” – you can see more forums and groups covering this topic and the latest and best articles too.


Not about news, but useful to see progress of various crypto projects you are interested in, or to check them before you invest. Ivan on Tech explains very well how you can use github to check the quality of a certain project – whether they are active, how active, whether they hae all the parts that should be there.

Ivan on Tech Youtube Channel

Now that we mentioned him – Ivan does a great job in explaining technical topics in a funny and human way. He covers a wide range of topics and publishes quite often. Make sure to watch his videos, you won’t regret it.


They are not just the best site to track your crypto portfolio, but also useful to get latest news. You can follow almost any crypto out there and get it’s status and some news in your inbox.


If you follow these sources, you will surely stay on top of thins in the cryptoworld. It’s hard to get all the best news straight away, as it changes quickly, but these platforms are the best ones I have found so far.

Cover by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


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