Types of crypto-technology compared

Types of crypto-technology
Enterprise transactions
Alternatives to blockchain – different types of cryptotechnology ICOs
(Initial coin offerings = crypto startups)
exchange of value between consumers and businesses – mainly financial transactions and payments simple programs using benefits of blockchain – expanding on transactions = more uses than just financial, automation, healthcare, legal contracts, data storage faster and cheaper transactions between banks and similar corporations (VISA etc. competitors) newer systems trying to improve on some challenges of blockchain – faster, more scalable, cheaper, more flexible various uses of blockchain or other cryptotechnology to create new or better versions of existing services – from youtube competitors to crypto-kittens… – anything goes (many are useless or just for fun)
Bitcoin – BTC Ethereum – ETH XRP – Ripple Internet of things – IOTA SteemIt – STEEM
Litecoin – LTC NXT Stellar – XLM Siacoin – SC
DigitalCash – Dash EOS STORJ
Monero – XMR Lisk – LSK Lunyr – LUN
Cardano – ADA Utrust – UTK
These are just some top examples, but there are more and more new technologies and coins for each segment every month. Especially in the ICO segment, there are over 1300 coins addressing a very broad range of services or products. For a full list, visit www.coinmarketcap.com.

This is to illustrate, that we are at the beginning of a revolution, similar to when the internet was created – before websites. Before we knew that a PayPal, Amazon or Facebook can work on the internet, we didn’t give it much value. Cryptotechnologies are in a similar position today – they are very new and we don’t know what applications are possible. But with the speed of development, we will see big things in the next few years. Web version 3. Hold on to your hats!

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