Revolut – move money between GBP / EUR / USD or other – for FREE

If you are buying various altcoins on various exchanges, you might need to move money between various accounts. Sometimes it’s easier (or cheaper) to fund your account using GBP, sometimes USD or EUR or other currency. How to move money between your accounts cheaper? Well, how about for free? Revolut allows you to do just that.

Revolut is a mobile app that allows you to move money from one account to another – globally – for free in seconds.

You also get a virtual credit card MasterCard – use for shopping online without registering with a bank, avoid credit checks etc.

And recently, you can also buy cryptocurrencies – BTC, LTC and ETH, making it one of the fastest ways to enter the crypto market.

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Very simple to use

  • install Revolut on your smartphone (10 seconds)
  • setup security (login, pin code) (1 minute)
  • add your EUR, GBP and/or USD accounts (1 minute – instant topup via a card)
  • top up the originating account, let’s say GBP (1 minute)
  • exchange in-app to your say EUR account (20 seconds)
  • withdraw your money to your linked EUR account (10 seconds to initiate, 1-2 days to arrive)

Even the best options today to move money internationally, like Transferwise (see my review) charge some fee. Revolut doesn’t. The only downside at the moment is a maximum limit of 250 GBP dailyBut I’m sure this will be lifted once they get more established, polish their internal processes and get wider adoption and more stable.

The UI is very user friendly and simple, showing that there’s good thought that went into creating the front-end, not just the technical back-end.

Revolut is a bank in your pocket – and you don’t need anything more than a mobile phone to get started.

On top of that, their reviews are great too:

If you’re looking for a quick way to transfer some bucks internationally, this is your best option – it’s FAST and FREE, has GOOD REVIEWS and it’s VERY EASY TO USE.

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