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Lukas Cech Staff asked 3 years ago

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Lukas Cech Staff answered 3 years ago

I use various, as it’s not possible to buy all the altcoins I need on just one:

  • – they have a high number of altcoins and I also use their lending feature, also have some altcoins here (XRP, IOTA, LTC, DASH)
  • – easiest way to exchange EUR or USD for cryptocoins (free SEPA transfer), I also have some of my XRP here, it’s used mainly to buy LTC and then transfer to other exchanges to buy altcoins
  • – alternative to bitfinex, also have som additional altcoins (probably the highest number). I hold some ZEC, XMR, Siacoin, LTC here
  • – I have an account here but don’t hold anything there for now and use to buy coins instead. This is more of a backup options should bitstamp be down (although recently coinbase is down a lot, bitstamp keeps holding steady)
  • – for buying altcoins not available anywhere else (like Cardano). BonusNo verification needed for withdrawals up to 2 BTC.

Which ones do you use the most? Let’s see if it’s different to mine, let me know in the comments.

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