Why invest in Ripple (XRP): colaboration with American Express, massive adoption potential

I bought some Ripple – XRP a few months ago – did my research about the idea, the team behind it, and it felt solid. American Express and Santander seem to have just confirmed it :).

Ripple – XRP are working on a much faster and better way to handle financial transactions using blockchain technology and they would be one of my recommendations for you to buy – the price is still very low.

My key indicators why this could be a good investment:

  • they have been around since 2012
  • their code is public https://github.com/ripple and shows healthy levels of updates and activity
  • ripple is the third biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market size (cap)
  • their business plan and products are robust, address real gap in the market and are various – not just one product / service – enterprise blockchain solution for global payments – GREAT potential for growth – imagine the impact on price of XRP once big partners start using Ripple network on millions of transactions.
  • no known hacks, issues, scandals since inception in 2012
  • public & corporate investors (not just an ICO riding on the recent crypto enthusiasm bubble)
  • offer product & service as well as a cryptocurrency that’s actively used in the market for years now, growing trend
  • strongly deflationary – only a limited number of units is available (100,000,000,000) and it’s set for high frequency usage – if one bank adopts this technology, it will send millions of transactions. If hundreds of banks will, the price will be pushed much higher by this high adoption & usage.
  • no negative press like with bitcoin around black market transactions
  • Their price is showing similar trends to early BTC – continuous usage + some spikes upwards and overall growing trend

  • compared to other cryptocurrencies, they are much faster, cheaper and scalable:

  • They provide one of the best own metrics (with others, it’s metrics created by third parties mostly):
    • https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/
    • https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/

More details:

Cryptocurrency / ICO XRP – Ripple
Years around since 2012
Marketcap $8,764,886,100
Marketcap rank 4 (moved to #2 in Dec 2017!)
Code public? Y
Has it’s own cryptocurrency / coin, is it usable in the market? Y
Business model – does it address a solid need / market gap? Yes – enterprise blockchain solution for global payments
Key USP (unique selling point) – first blockchain solution for enterprises
– 3-5 second transaction speed https://ripple.com/use-cases/banks/#/ and https://ripple.com/xrp/
– 1500 transactions per second – scalability https://ripple.com/xrp/
Challenges? VISA, MasterCard etc – if they don’t work with Ripple, they will likely build their own solution
Adoption? Some big names – Santander, American Express
Official list of investors – corporate investors? Y – https://ripple.com/company/
Any hacks, scandals, known major issues? N


In fact, I have bought some more just now. Price as of writing is $0.24 – there’s a lot of room for growth – compared to bitcoin at $7700. Not that bitcoin is bad, but ripple costs what bitcoin did in 2010. If there will be positive progress with XRP price (and collaboration with major banks or payment processors supports that), then there’s great potential for profits and less of a chance it falling off the cliff – wouldn’t fall too far anyway.

You can buy XRP on many exchanges today – I recommend Bitstamp.net – they have one of the lowest fees and you can fund it with a free SEPA transfer.

Or buy directly from here – through Changelly.com:

As always – invest – it’s very speculative, new and volatile market, don’t bet all your savings on it.

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