Cryptocurrency investment portfolio summary 2017: +3000% of investing wisely!

This was the year! Although I held some BTC before 2017, I had no clue what to do with it. Only in 2017 I started researching cryptocurrencies further and realized the potential of this technology. Since august 2017, I have bought 28 additional cryptocurrencies additionally to bitcoin. See how they performed:

As you can see from the image, I have started with only a few hundred dollars of BTC. Since september 2017, I have been researching and investing into additional cryptocurrencies / altcoins, totalling 29 unique altcoins.

This diversification really helped my portfolio grow despite the drops in BTC value during some periods.

Overall, my portfolio grew by 3000%, despite bitcoin dropping towards end of the year. Diversification that works – investing . Another reason why you should subscribe ;).

In comparison – bitcoin grew by 488% during the same period (july 20 to dec 31). 

Would you like to know how I overperformed bitcoin by 2500%?

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