Best exchanges where to buy cryptocurrencies

Important: Most exchanges are not regulated. Especially ones residing outside EU or US. They are private companies and it’s hard to know how well your investment is protected, whether they are backed by solid funding and how will the react in tough market conditions. They can change their interface at will (raise the minimum withdrawal amount, change fees, stop withdrawals etc.). Be aware of that. It’s a very new, volatile and unpredictable market, therefore invest accordingly.

Just buy (if you already have a wallet)

  • buy with a credit / debit card or exchange one cryptocurrency for another


Simple & easy to use (also has a trading platform)

  • best for EU customers
  • free SEPA deposit and withdrawal
  • good fee structure
  • simple interface
  • EU based
  • deposit: EUR, USD, SEPA, all supported cryptos, Astropay, wire transfer
  • withdrawal: same as deposit except credit / debit cards (also has a trading platform

  • more US focused, but works worldwide, good for EU too
  • simple credit / debit card purchase process, although higher fee / not so good exchange rate (you are paying for the convenience – cheapest ones are usually not this user friendly)
  • longest standing, good team & prospects
  • has a vault feature (store your coins in a more secure way)
  • BTC, ETH, LTC (founder of LTC Charlie Lee was a director of engineering at Coinbase)
  • deposit: EUR, credit / debit card, supported currencies
  • withdrawal: same as deposit except credit / debit cards


Advanced, more features and altcoins

  • biggest exchange out there
  • long running
  • has many cryptocurrencies and altcoins
  • deposit: cryptocurrencies, USD and EUR only from 10,000 and above
  • withdrawal: cryptocurrencies
  • margin trading
  • lending

  • Coinbase trading platform, you can use your Coinbase account – good for buying less common altcoins

Deposit LTC, BTC or other crypto to exchange for other altcoins easily. BonusNo verification needed for withdrawals up to 2 BTC.

  • no need to verify yourself for withdrawals up to 2 BTC – just register with an email and you can start trading
  • has a high number of altcoins, good for portfolio diversification
  • has a simpler view (although still more advanced) and an advanced trading view
  • deposit via cryptocurrencies (LTC is fastest in my experience)
  • withdrawal via cryptocurrencies too

Suggested process

  • transfer LTC into binance (low fees and fast)
  • exchange for BTC
  • buy whatever altcoin / token you want with this BTC
  • withdraw to your private wallet (don’t keep it on binance)




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