Glad you’d like know who’s behind this handy project :). Well, I’m good at launching stuff, so at the moment, it’s me – Lukas – and all my knowledge. The team is already expanding – I’m hiring a second writer to have a wider breadth, cover more topics and write more posts.

I have launched this project, because I believe that the blockchain (or alternative – like the tangle) technology, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are the best option to grow your investment portfolio. But you need to invest – and this is what we will be writing about here.

This site isn’t just about buying cryptocurrencies. It’s about doing it – meaning earning profit, but not risking everything for it. Finding ways to invest in the technology, not just blindly buying bitcoin and altcoins to see which one will work.

All information on this website is written to help me (and by way of sharing – you) navigate the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain (or alternatives). As I write and research topics, I learn more – it ups my game. But always do your own research before investing. And never invest an amount that you are not prepared to lose – it’s a very volatile and unpredictable market.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, start here – cryptocurrencies for beginners.

Lukas Cech


An online entrepreneur, traveller, animal lover and a free thinker. I left a great career in London working for for 8 years to live a life closer to my real values in life and have more freedom. Been having … Read More

Rahul Aswal


Business Strategist, Content Creator and Blockchain/Crypto enthusiast.